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The Production Process of Steel Drums for Packaging Containers

Steel drum is a container for storing various substances, widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation and other fields. The steel barrel production process includes making the barrel body, making the barrel bottom, connecting the barrel body and the barrel bottom, making bucket lid, painting, packaging and other steps. The following takes the production of 45 liter steel drums as an example to describe in detail steel drum production process.



1. Make the bucket body

First, the raw material steel plate is cut and bent to make the main part of the barrel body. 45 litre steel the barrel is generally made of 0.5mm cold-tied steel plate, the height of the barrel body is 470mm, and the lower width and upper narrow are conical. manufacture

A good barrel needs to be tested by air pressure to ensure its sealing performance.

2. Make the bottom of the bucket

The bottom of the barrel is generally made of 2mm thickness by cutting, punching, bending, welding and other processes

Done. The bottom diameter of the 45-liter steel drum is 310mm, and there is a raised circular point in the center for support

Bottom of the bucket.

3. Connect the bucket to the bottom

The finished barrel body and the bottom of the barrel are welded to make it a whole. To improve welding

Mass, generally using argon arc welding. After welding is completed, grinding and deburring are performed to ensure

The surface of the barrel body is smooth and seamless, which does not affect the storage and use of the items in the barrel.

4. Make bucket LIDS

The lid is also made of 0.5mm thick steel plate, which is cut, punched, bent and welded

And so on. The 45 litre steel drum has a lid size of 319mm x 1.2mm and also has a convex center

The dot is used to match the dot at the bottom of the barrel.

5 Spray paint

After the production and connection of the steel drum, it is necessary to spray anti-rust paint and color paint to protect the surface of the steel drum

Resistant to oxidation and corrosion. First, the primer is sprayed and then the intermediate polishing is carried out. After that, the first

Secondary spray painting, and polishing treatment to ensure smooth surface. Finally sprayed with anti-rust paint,

A protective film is formed on the surface of the steel drum.

6 Pack

The final step is to pack the steel drums. 45-liter steel drums are usually shipped by container ship or car

Transport for freight. Steel drums must be neatly packed and shock-proof and moisture-proof.

The above is the production process of 45 liter steel drums. Details and techniques to pay attention to in this process .There are many technical details, manufacturers must be made in strict accordance with the standards to ensure the quality of steel drums

And safety performance.

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