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Where are Helium Leak Detectors Commonly Used?

A helium leak detector is an instrument used to detect whether a system or device has a gas leak, and it uses helium as the detection medium. Helium is an ideal leak detection gas in many ways: its atoms are so small that they can pass through tiny cracks and holes; Its concentration in the atmosphere is very low, so any helium detected is almost certainly from a leak; In addition, helium is inert and does not react with other substances.

Helium leak detectors typically operate in two modes:

1. Vacuum mode: In this mode, the system to be tested is placed in a vacuum state and injected with helium. The helium leak detector is connected to one end of the system, and if there is any leak in the system, the helium gas will enter the leak detector through the leak point and be detected by the leak detector.

2. Pressure mode: In this mode, the system to be tested is filled with helium, and the leak detector is used to scan the external surface of the system. If there is a leak, helium will escape from the leak point and be detected by the leak detector. Helium leak detectors are widely used in various fields requiring high sealing, such as air conditioning and refrigeration equipment manufacturing, automotive parts manufacturing, aerospace equipment manufacturing, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, etc. This device can accurately locate and measure tiny gas leaks, helping to ensure the safe and efficient operation of equipment and systems. Shenzhen Hualsheng Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with independent intellectual property rights and continuous innovation ability, and stable growth of business performance. The company has an experienced research and application technical team, a robust and efficient operation team and a professional sales team, the main members have more than 10 years of helium mass spectrometry leak detection industry experience, has a wealth of experience and technical strength.                                  

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