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Application Fields of Vacuum Chamber Helium Detection

1. Application field of vacuum tank helium inspection

1, the military field: the main application of helium inspection in the military field is to check military equipment, such as aircraft engines, avionics and aviation rockets. Because of the high performance requirements of these equipment, the helium inspection requirements are also very strict, and the vacuum tank helium inspection is used to meet these requirements.

2, electronic industry: vacuum helium inspection is also widely used in the electronic industry, especially for precision electronic components, helium inspection is required to ensure the accuracy and performance of components.

3, aerospace: The aerospace field also makes extensive use of vacuum helium inspection, which is used to detect the structure of spacecraft and other components to ensure its reliability and performance in the space environment.

4, shipbuilding: The field of shipbuilding is also widely used in the field of vacuum tank helium inspection, used to check the structure of the ship to ensure the safety and reliability of the ship.

5, industrial field: Vacuum helium inspection is also widely used in industrial fields, such as automobile manufacturing, power industry, petrochemical industry, etc., for checking the reliability and safety of equipment and components.

6, medical field: Vacuum helium test in the medical field is also widely used for checking surgical instruments, blood purification equipment, etc., to ensure the health of patients.

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